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    By Beth Baumann | Bearing Arms The Ohio state senate has passed legislation expanding concealed carry across the Buckeye state. Concealed carriers are now allowed to carry in places that were once off-limits: schools, college campuses, daycares and private aircrafts. The bill passed 23-9. “The intent for this [Read More]
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    By Kurt Schlichter | Townhall The Democrats already know the cause of their utter electoral humiliation: all those flyover people who had voted for Obama last time were actually racists who demonstrated their racism by not voting for the tired old white lady too. Far be it for me to help out you terrible Democrat clowns [Read More]
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    By John L. Hancock | American Thinker Today it appears that I once again have been unfriended by one of the few Hillary-supporting “friends” I still have on Facebook.  She was sharing posts, which showed up in my news stream, promoting the narrative that Donald Trump was elected president solely because [Read More]
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    By ROBERT SPENCER | JihadWatch “One of the things they need to hear from me is that the Virginia Republican party values religious liberty and we stand with them, and they’re part of this community too.” This is just more muddying of the waters. Religious liberty is not at issue in any way. Trump has not called for [Read More]
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    By Dan Bongino | | Conservative Review First, congratulations to Donald Trump for pulling off what we can all agree, regardless of our political stripes, was an upset electoral victory for the ages. I give Trump a lot of credit for a gracious acceptance speech and for laying the groundwork, hopefully, for a conservative [Read More]
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    By PEGGY NOONAN | Wall Street Journal Sometimes there comes a crack in Time itself. Sometimes the earth is torn by something blind. . . . Call it the mores, call it God or Fate . . . That force exists and moves. And when it moves It will employ a hard and actual stone To batter into bits an actual wall And change [Read More]
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    By Chuck Jenks | Special to NEWSL.ORG If, on Tuesday, a person had to decide on who they would vote for president and could cast their vote based on only one issue, what would be that issue? Immigration is NOT it. However, unchecked immigration is certainly important. The evidence of Europe is proof enough that immigration [Read More]
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    By Patrick Trombly | The term “globalization” — in the sphere of economics — describes an increase in trade, and greater movement of capital and labor across national and regional boundaries. Free trade has long been among the driving factors behind economic globalization, and for centuries, economists [Read More]
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    By Nonie Darwish | Gatestone Institute President Obama appears to have been told that if all these secular dictators could be brought down, a magnificent Arab Spring would blossom. This was, it seems, precisely the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood: to get America’s help to topple the dictatorships — then mostly [Read More]
  • Herman Cain, CEO, The New Voice, speaks during Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority event in Washington. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)
    By Herman Cain | Canada Free Press I spent about seven minutes on my radio show yesterday specifically addressing black voters. Hey. I am one! And my upbringing and background is really not that different from many other black voters. But I’ve noticed some things over the years I’ve been paying attention to our [Read More]
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    By ROBERT SPENCER | JihadWatch Russia has become the bogeyman of the 2016 presidential election, with the Democrats far more exercised about the threat from Moscow than they ever were during the Cold War (which they spent ridiculing those who thought there was a genuine threat from the Soviet Union). But however villainous [Read More]
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    By Daniel Greenfield | FrontPageMag In the final stretch of the election, Hillary Rodham Clinton has gone to war with the FBI. The word “unprecedented” has been thrown around so often this election that it ought to be retired. But it’s still unprecedented for the nominee of a major political party to go war with the [Read More]
  • The Washington Post
    By Nikita Vladimirov | The Hill Two sources within FBI told Fox News on Wednesday that the investigation of the Clinton Foundation is likely to lead to an indictment. Fox News’ Bret Baier said Wednesday that the FBI probe into a possible pay-to-play scheme between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation has been [Read More]
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    By Michael Epstein | American Thinker On Friday, October 21st, the Miami, FL, Commission; the Monroe County, NY, Legislature; the Rochester, NY, Board of Education; and the Rochester, NY, City Council announced proclamations condemning hate speech against Muslims.  These proclamations define neither hate speech nor the [Read More]
  • Carafem is a new abortion-pill clinic in Montgomery County that promises a "spa-like" experience for women with a open and unabashed approach to pregnancy termination. Pictured are Melissa S. Grant, the Maryland clinic’s vice president of health services, and Christopher Purdy, president and chief executive. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)
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  • Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks to reporters before addressing the Republican Party of Arkansas Reagan Rockefeller dinner in Hot Springs, Ark., Friday, July 17, 2015. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)


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    By Gary Terashita, Contributor | NEWSL.ORG Exodus 15:9 “The enemy said, ‘I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil, my desire shall have its fill of [Read More]


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