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  • By Tom Knighton | Bearing Arms The state of California and most of their larger city governments don’t care about your right to self-defense. They might give a little lip service to it, but it’s not something anyone in those governments thinks about too much. Take the latest example, which comes from San Jose: City [Read More]
  • By James Bovard | op-ed via USA Today |  Zero Hedge Trump’s saber rattling, rude outbursts and rancorous tweets have spooked folks far and wide. But most Americans are not sufficiently informed on recent history to recognize where Trump poses dire threats beyond the usual Washington machinations. Most citizens are [Read More]
  • By Giulio Meotti | Gatestone Institute “The patrons of the false Europe are bewitched by superstitions of inevitable progress. They believe that History is on their side, and this faith makes them haughty and disdainful, unable to acknowledge the defects in the post-national, post-cultural world they are [Read More]
  • By MICHAEL CANTRELL | Conservative Today Just about everyone’s mother’s brother’s uncle’s sister’s cousin’s dog is well aware of the nonsense going on in the NFL with the whole kneeling during the National Anthem business. Professional athletes, who make millions of dollars to play a game most people play for [Read More]
  • From Investors Business Daily | Clinton Scandals: For well over a year now, the progressive left in the Democratic Party have tried hard to sell the idea that, a) Russia meddled in our election, and, b) that it was to the detriment of Hillary Clinton. After nearly a year and a half of investigating, neither appears true. [Read More]
  • By Bruce Thornton | FrontPageMag For over forty years the left has been successfully reshaping American culture. Social mores and government policies about sexuality, marriage, the sexes, race relations, morality, and ethics have changed radically. The collective wisdom of the human race that we call tradition has been [Read More]
  • By SPUTNIK News | The family of a dead Pakistani-American filed a lawsuit against the US Marine Corps seeking damages in excess of $100 million after the 20-year-old died mysteriously during the second week of boot camp. Recruit Rahell Siddiqui died in March 2016 after falling down three flights of stairs at Marine [Read More]
  • By Katie Pavlich | Bearing Arms Personal defense is one of the most popular reasons many people own a firearm. Even many competition shooters got started out of a desire to protect themselves and their families. One of the groups that seem most opposed to this idea, however, are feminists. Yet, should they? Katie Pavlich, [Read More]
  • American Patriots Unsung

    June 18, 2017

    Take time today to thank a Veteran or another brave American who has devoted their life to service to this country and your community. Too often we take them for granted, too often we let them just pass by without saying thank you. Share this message and online publication with those you know. A message from American [Read More]
  • By Daniel Payne | The Federalist The first Trump administration has not yet even begun, and already people are planning to get him re-elected. I am not talking about Republican political strategists dreaming of the campaign ads to run starting in mid-2019. I am talking about seemingly the entire liberal political [Read More]
  • By Barbara Goldberg | Reuters via CSM JUNE 9, 2017 —Delaware’s governor has signed into law a bill ensuring abortion remains legal in the state, the first such move in the United States since President Trump was elected on a pledge to overturn the landmark ruling that legalized abortion nationally. Abortion [Read More]
  • By Justin Haskins | TheBlaze Republican billionaire Sheldon Adelson is a forming a new “super” political action committee designed for one purpose: keeping Republicans in control of the House of Representatives through 2030. According to reports by CNN and the Washington Examiner, Adelson has started working to [Read More]
  • By LISA MARIE PANE | Associated Press JACKSON, Ga. (AP) — In the woods south of Atlanta, John and Yvette DeMaria are with about a dozen camouflage-wearing, heavily armed Americans huffing and puffing as they scramble to navigate the sprawling piece of property where they train, one weekend a month, to ward off enemies [Read More]
  • By Matthew Barakat | AP via Christian Science Monitor To the Kurdish peshmerga forces patrolling northern Iraq in March 2016, Mohamad Khweis looked for all the world like an Islamic State suicide bomber. They certainly didn’t peg him as a bus driver from the wealthy suburbs of Washington, D.C. As they saw him approach [Read More]


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