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Shout down those who seek to infringe: “Two-eh! Two-eh! Two-eh!”

By Fester Clock

Green tip ammo in the government cross-hair.

The debate on gun rights is about to surface again.

The Obama regime has failed to get our guns, so it is going after the ammo.

Separating ammo from guns is like separating lead from a pencil. It’s no longer a writing tool, it’s just a piece of wood.

By extension then, the 2nd Amendment must also include the right to keep and bear ammo shall not be infringed.

Any townhall meeting that is held about the 2nd Amendment should have a clear message sent and ends without confusion.

In the spirit of open dialogue and frank, but civil discussion, the politicians in attendance may begin to sing the song of concern over magazine sizes, types of ammunition, styles of rifles; and begin to espouse the lie of arms on the hands of criminals and the need to ensure public safety by increasing restrictions and regulations on guns and ammo.

There can only be one response.

Shout them out of the hall without ceasing until they truly exit the building.

Shout out “2A.”

“Two-eh! Two-eh! Two-eh!”

The unison shouts of “two-eh” to represent the 2nd Amendment will signal to those who choose to even discuss infringements of any kind on the 2nd Amendment will represent the non-negotiable position of law-abiding guns owners everywhere across our great nation.

The 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Sounds pretty clear.

But what is infringement?

The dictionary states: Undermined, encroached upon, limit, restrict, violate.

Therefore, those who seek to chip-away and infringe on the 2nd Amendment by incremental erosion of the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms must be shut down instantly without further discussion.

While this is perhaps rude to some, to others any discussion on retreat from what the amendment specifically states in words and spirit.

To Constitution-loving Americans, discussions that even remotely presume the 2nd Amendment should undergo further progressive interpretation is rude.

Two-eh! Two-eh, Two-eh!

Try it. Politicians will indeed get the message. Loud and clear.

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