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Reach for the Sky Citizen!: If stopped by police, Kansans must put hands up FIRST

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By Sam Rolley,

Police in Topeka, Kansas, have decided to treat each routine encounter with motorists like a standoff with a dangerous criminal by implementing a new policy requiring drivers to reach for the sky during traffic stops.

As part of a new policy dubbed “hand compliance,” the Topeka Police Department is directing motorists to put their hands up in the air or on top of their steering wheel during encounters with police on the road.

“As we all know, we’ve lost three officers in less than two years. And as a result of that, we’ve had to take a hard look at the way we’re conducting business, particularly as it relates to car stops,” Officer Matt McClimans told the local KSNT of the policy.

“Before we even approach a car, is to see the hands of the driver and occupants, it doesn’t matter what the infraction is, it doesn’t matter if it’s a soccer mom, it’s just gaining that hand compliance,” he added.

Many local residents have criticized the “hand compliance” policy, saying that it’s dangerous for the public for officers to consider everyone a threat.

“To put my hands up, I mean, I just can’t see how people are not offended by that,” one resident said.

Others have suggested that making motorists place their hands in plain sight as a matter of policy rather than a courtesy to officers is a ploy to cut down on the number of people recording traffic stops.

There are also fears that the “hand compliance” policy gives officers more leeway to act aggressively toward motorists.

“This is just reason for them to act more aggressive, they already flip shit if you move too quickly, now you’ll be in cuffs or on the ground,” a commenter on one local story said. “How many cars you think will have guns pointed at them because people don’t know this new ‘rule.’”

Topeka’s police maintain that the policy is a simple officer safety matter.

Police Sgt. Colleen Stuart told the Topeka Capital-Journal, “When we walk up to a car, we don’t know anyone in that car or what their intentions are,” she said.

When motorists place their hands up, Stuart added, it “gives us a better idea that they are complying with our orders and that it’s going to be a positive encounter.”

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2 Comments on Reach for the Sky Citizen!: If stopped by police, Kansans must put hands up FIRST

  1. This is going to cause more problems than it cures. A deaf driver can’t hear a cop yell, “hands on the wheel” and if not from Topeka, they may not know about the rule.
    A passenger in a car who has only one arm–The cop doesn’t see two hands up so—out comes the gun because of “non compliance” and maybe we hear those often spoken words from police,”I was in fear for my safety so I shot” or “I thought he/she was going for a gun so I shot”.
    Little old granny driver– just doesn’t feel like being abused by some punk kid with a badge and a shaved head and bulked up with steroids yelling at her with his hand on his gun so she just refuses. How many elderly people do you know who won’t do it just because they refuse to be abused by anyone, including police. The cop will not back off because “Its the rules” and is incapable of using good judgement.
    The VAST majority of people stopped are decent people who may have made a driving mistake. Doesn’t mean you have a right to begin a Felony Stop Police Procedure on them.
    Police nation wide make thousands of stops daily and don’t need to do this. They just use good safe tactics, by far mostly successful day after day.
    These cops are too frightened to do their jobs anymore and need to find other jobs instead of abusing everyone at every stop.

    The citizens need to fight this rule in behalf of elderly, disabled and because its abusive and may make some people more afraid of the police than they are already.
    It also may make some HATE police more and may make the cops greatest fears come true because they pushed the people too hard and too far.
    Its not right to make this a hard and fast policy for all to be told they MUST obey. Is it a State law that people MUST obey????
    Citizens-get legal advise. The police don’t have the last word. You may though.

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