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Trevor Loudon: ‘GOP needs one team of 20 Rottweilers to win in 2016’

Chuck Jenks, NewSL

By Chuck Jenks | NEWSL.ORG

Offering a strategy forged by the Founding Fathers to win the White House for America in 2016, Trevor Loudon suggested that the only way to derail the radical-progressives who have rapidly moved the country toward Communism is to form a team early, announce it now, and begin the two-year slugfest to save America.

Loudon, controversial author of “The Enemies Within,” and staunch advocate of the American Constitution spoke in Falls Church, Va., Wednesday, to a concerned crowd hosted by the Alexandria Tea Party. During his speech, the New Zealander insisted that unless Obama’s socialist-communist apparatus is dismantled, the Democrats may win again. If they do, he said, “your children will live in slavery.”

“If the Democrats win again in 2016, because of Obama’s deliberate vote-gaining, immigration-amnesty strategy, it won’t just be a loss for the next 40 years, it may be a loss for the world forever,” he said.

Hot off the heels of his rally speech at the Capitol in support of Israel’s prime minister’s address to a Joint Session of Congress Tuesday, Loudon pleaded with guests to mobilize quickly to defeat the communist takeover of the United States.

He outlined what he thinks is the winning strategy to setting America back on the right track.

“I would want to get all these people together,” Loudon began, “And I’d go to them and say something like this: ‘I want to get going, I want to run early, way before the primaries and way before Jeb Bush gets up a head of steam.

“We need to unify, unify, unify. But America needs an incentive,” Loudon continued.

“Form the team right now, announce it right now, and campaign on it as if your life depends on it, because it does. We have only one chance left.”

“If you have a candidate who is a real fighter, who loves the Constitution, and is willing to put up his fists against the establishment; someone like a Ted Cruz or a Scott Walker, for instance, things could be very different.

“But how to do you get there?

“The first thing to do is put [LtCol.] Allen West on the VP ticket right now.

“Then for you libertarians, announce right now that Rand Paul is going to be secretary of the Treasury. And he can do whatever he damn well wants to the Federal Reserve and the IRS, carte blanch.

“And then it’s going to be Sarah Palin, secretary of Energy. And it’s going to be ‘drill baby drill!’ Drill in your backyard if you want to. [A dollar gallon of gas for every American family].

“Then it’s going to be Scott Walker, secretary of Labor. And he’s going to stick it to the union, because it’s going to be ‘right to work’ in every state.

“Then Mike Lee as secretary of the Interior, and he’s going to return the federal lands that they stole from the states and give them back to the states [so they can mine and farm and fish their own lands].

“Then it’s going to be Michelle Bachman as secretary of Commerce. And she’s going to deregulate, deregulate, deregulate. She will be getting American businesses working and employing again.

Then John Bolton will be secretary of State. And he’s going to give the finger to your enemies. I’m going to sick him on your enemies and rebuild the alliances.

“And then, very important: ambassador to the United Nations – NO ONE.

“Then Trey Goudy, Attorney General. And he’s going to go after those vote fraudsters and he’s going to end that disgrace [prosecute and jail them. Justice in this land folks].

“And then Dr. Ben Carson will be secretary of Health and Human Services. And he will end the welfare culture in this country and restore dignity to your communities.

“And for all of those millions who do not care about politics but do care about the education of their children; know they do not love Common Core, and know they need to protect homeschooling, I’ll make Thomas Sowell secretary of Education.

“Name your whole cabinet right now; early. Run as a team. What I offer are my suggestions; we all have a different choice, but the point is to form the team now.

“Would you be inspired by a team like that? Wouldn’t it unify the base because everybody’s getting something? Everybody’s got someone to inspire them.

“Every four years you put out one candidate and the media rips them to pieces.

“But what would the media do if you had 20 Rottweilers all running as one team, all backing each other up, and not taking any crap from anyone. How would [the media] handle that?

Loudon went on to make the statement that there actually were precedents to execute such a team strategy to winning the White House for the sake of our children’s future. He said, Ronald Reagan named his team early, but that there is an even better precedent.

“You didn’t just have a founding father, you had founding fathers,” said Loudon. “Your George Washington, and Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry, and James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

“They ran as a team.

“They had their egos, their conflicting agendas … but they put them aside for the good of the country and the good of the revolution. And look at the country they gave you!” he said.

“The next two years will require the hardest political work you have ever done. Because that two years is going to decide the fate of not just this country, but my country. Not just your children, but my children.

“I can’t guarantee much. But I can guarantee if you do nothing, your children will live in slavery,” he said.

“Your hard work will give you the right to look your children in the eye and say ‘I did everything I could.’ What is that worth to you? Is that worth fighting for?”

Posing the reasons for his fervor that Americans take back from the radicals their Constitutional values, the New Zealander said he expressed deep gratitude on behalf of all New Zealanders because of America’s efforts to save his country during World War II, and that he believed Ronald Reagan was right is stating that America was the “last, best hope for America.”

“Right now folks, this country is Jimmy Carter on steroids, and you need Ronald Reagan on meth to turn this around,” said Loudon to applause. “You’ve got to gut your federal government and restore your Constitution.”

Loudon’s pertinent questions:

Why is the United States Constitution under continual assault? Why are America’s enemies – Russia, China, Iran and militant Islam growing stronger by the day; while the President does everything he can to downgrade US military strength?

Why is unrest plaguing US cities at levels not seen for decades? Why are the police under attack all across America? Accused of institutional racism, while the Justice Department consistently acts to increase racial division.

Why is the Southern Border being effectively abolished, allowing dangerous terrorists to cross unhindered, imposing huge costs on states across the nation, while the Democrats salivate at the thought of millions of new voters for their party?

Central to the answers to these questions, Loudon went on to focus on the rise of the Communist Party of America, the rise of Barack Obama, the seating of members of the CPA and the Muslim Brotherhood into the highest positions of U.S. government and critical union leadership.

Referencing the Muslim brotherhood infiltration in American government, Frank Gaffney’s Feb. 25 article in the Washington Times entitled: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s friend in Congress,” reinforces Loudon’s concern:

“Tuesday, the Center for Security Policy released a dossier showing that Rep. Andre Carson, Democrat of Indiana, has long been personally associated with individuals and organizations tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. The government has established in court that the Brotherhood’s mission is “destroying Western civilization from within.

“Mr. Carson is not just a member of Congress. He was recently appointed to the House Intelligence Committee. That’s the panel responsible for overseeing the most sensitive of U.S. efforts to understand and counter all enemies, foreign and domestic.

“That this obvious security problem has so far gone unremarked and uncorrected underscores official Washington’s dangerous failure to address appropriately the Muslim Brotherhood threat.

“Worse, it can only be seen by our enemies as further evidence of the inevitability of their victory.”

In conclusion to the event, Loudon implored American’s to take action saying, “You may not be able to see this in yourselves, you are like baby Superman. You don’t realize how strong you really are, because you are in the battle. Fight. You can win.”

For more the Loudon’s research, argument and conclusions, he posts to his blog, “New Zeal: Shining the Torch for Liberty,” from his home in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Video of Trevor Loudon at the image below.


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