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Creators and Haters: Progressives destroy civility, stoke perpetual chaos

By Dustin Detroit, Patriot Update:

For over forty years liberal social justice warriors have hammered home one central point; America is a country of hate and violence.

A secondary point is that conservatives are the source of hate and violence.

A list I found at Liberapedia asserts that conservatives hate Abortion, the Affordable Care Act, African-Americans, Amnesty International, Atheists, Blue States, Cannabis, Change, Civil rights, Common Sense, Democratic Party, Democratic Socialism, Democratic socialism aiming to replace Capitalism, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Elizabeth Warren, Environmentalism, and the EPA. We are only up to the letter F, so I will try to be more selective:

Freedom, Gay Marriage, Gun control, Hillary Clinton, Hispanics, Homosexuality, Homosexuality as a natural population control (really, it’s on the list), Illegal immigration, Industrial Workers of the World, Islam, Knowledge, Lesbians, Logic, MSNBC, New York Times, Planned Parenthood, Pornography, Renewable energy, Sandra Fluke, Science, Single Payer Health Care, Stem cell research, Susan B Anthony, Taxes, Theory of evolution, Thinking, Transgenderism, Truth, Vegetarians, Welfare state, William Jefferson Clinton, and World War II.

That is a long list. I don’t have that much hate in me. In fact, only someone laden with a huge burden of internalized hate would sit around and list the many things they suppose other people hate; it’s vaguely psychotic. I sat down and tried to list the things I dislike about progressives and could come up with but one: Their policies don’t work.

How difficult it must be for a progressive to wake up every day and immediately view the world around them as a vessel of hate. To search all day for hate in the hearts, minds, and eyes of others. To view with suspicion anyone who might disagree with them on some token issue. The liberal finds hate everywhere except the very place it emanates from; his own heart.

Hate creates only one thing; destruction.

In America we now see a clear division of two ranks, the creators and the haters. The creators recognize that the past two centuries have brought forth the greatest empowerment of mankind in Earth’s history. The creators tamed the natural enemies of man, leaving us a bounty of food and shelter. The creators afforded us a long list of leisure activities and products. The creators purchased us time to spend on intellectual and artistic pursuits. The creators freed us to discover worlds thousands of miles away, cultures distant but recognizable to those of a willing spirit. The creators built universities to house our noblest thoughts, museums to inspire people every day, parks and zoos to show us nature in its abundance and glory.

Only a hater would believe such things were created out of hate. Only a miser would insist that such things were created out of greed. Only the rankest ideologue would say that life has changed for the worse over the last two centuries.

So many creators contributed to this amazing enhancement of life. The accountant keeps the leger, the shopkeeper supplies goods and services. It doesn’t really matter if these jobs are performed on a large or small scale because all of them add up to a better world for the rest of us. Just going to work and contributing to the common good every day marks you as a creator; an active participant in the creation of a better world.

The progressive haters destroy civility with riots and violence at baseball stadiums in Baltimore. They smash storefronts and steal goods in Ferguson because all they have is hate and the destruction that flows in hate’s path. They block students from attending classes at UC Berkley because they have never known a noble thought. At Oberlin they put up signs accusing fellow students, by name, of perpetuating rape. Selfishly intoxicated with hate they destroy the good names of people who have committed no crimes, injured no one, and mean no harm.

So we look upon America six years into a Presidency whose progressive ideology rests upon impatience with Americans, focuses on human shortcomings, and holds in disdain all that the creators bequeathed to his custody. He was going to change it all.

And he did.

Today I see American streets full of looters, rioters, mask wearers, barricaders, and effigy stringers, and I know that progressives have succeeded in making America as violent and full of hate as they have always seen it to be. Hate and violence under the guise of liberalism is victimizing innocent citizens every day in Obama’s America.

And I wonder.

Can anyone really call this progress?

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