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‘They’ Are Watching Our Every Move

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By Dr. Michael T. George, Contributor | NEWSL.ORG

I would not have believed it at first, but the facts become far too overwhelming for me to deny.  At first it seemed like maybe an innocent mistake, but before long I could clearly tell that someone had tampered with my mail communications.

Had this been an isolated incident I probably could have shrugged it off, but it was just the beginning of their espionage against me, a private citizen of the country.  My phone was their next target. Any time I received or made a call it was being monitored for any information they deemed to be inappropriate.

From here my life was tracked twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  I had become a serious person of interest to the government all because I disagreed with the current administration.

I did not believe in their big government ways. I did not believe in their overreaching authoritative measures. I believed in faith, freedom and hard work instead.  This flew into direct contrast to their views so they used every area of their communistic administration to destroy myself and my family.

My kids were denied proper schooling because we disagreed with our government.  My career was derailed because we disagreed with our government.  We were unfairly targeted all because we disagreed with our government.  We lost our home and much of our family because we disagreed with our government.

Everything came to a climax on that cold summer morning when two uniformed officers were standing at the end of the street in front of us. Frightened, we turned to go the other way and encountered two more making hast in our direction.

Quickly, we grabbed our two small children as we ran toward the small dilapidated building. My fists throbbed as I pounded on the door pleading, “Please open up!” Our only path to safety now slowly opened as I forced my way inside. The cries from my family filled the air as the men grabbed at their legs. With superhuman-like strength, I pulled them into the dwelling and slammed the door.

We were now safe inside, but for how long?

Could this happen to you and your family? It did to mine when I was a young man in Communist East Germany.

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