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America needs Men with Wooden Teeth

By Chuck Jenks | NEWSL.ORG

Today’s American Congress has fallen into the same seductive, delusional trap that befell the British parliament under King George III.

President Obama issues edicts from his White House with the best of intentions; to keep the People under control he must dictate that which is best for the country, that which is best for the government, that which is best for him to retain power.

In order to maintain order, Obama is making decisions he feels are best for the general welfare of the country, without procedure, without concern for the next generation, without remorse,

Socialism constructed by a sociopath.

With a reported near-half-a-million pages of regulation imposed by diktat in just seven years, Obama’s tyranny far surpasses anything King George III could have conceived.

Health, air, water, energy, education, life and death, earth and weather have all become the tools of government from which an ever expanding Central State now extracts the sweat and labor of a nation and saps the passions of innovation and initiative

Obama behaves like a monarch; replete with servants, henchmen, and a nation of approximately 325 million subjects all placed before him to be choreographed to satisfy his grand design for a more perfect utopia.

What Obama has forgotten, and that Congress has allowed, is that “these” United States are not “the” United States.

While George Washington’s wooden teeth story is a myth, it is illustrative of the humility possessed by the Founding Fathers. It was unnecessary for them to parade about with the trappings of a king.

Their intellect, understanding of history and critical thinking were what was admired. They were selfless, putting fellow man first; dedicated to a proposition that all men are created equal and that the pursuits of life, liberty and happiness were essential for independent men to prosper and contribute.

For these men like Washington, a more perfect union required release from the chocking tentacles of an omnipotent king or oppressive government.  Only in that freedom would man succeed in proving he can rule himself.

Congress has become complicit and worse, anti-Constitutional, in its duty to maintain the genius of republican design. America has become unmoored from the principles that made her so beautiful, sought, safe and admired.

Unbounded by the Constitution and its Bill of Right, this president and his Congress are busy deal making, conspiring, and constructing designs to satisfy agendas hidden from the People.

King George and his parliament did the same thing then as the Obama Administration and the 114th Congress is doing now. So similar are these present condition to those abuses in the 1770’s, that if revolution was necessary for the People to break the bonds then, is it so unreasonable that revolution be the course necessary to break the bonds now?

Like King George III who inherited enormous debt from war with France, Obama inherited enormous debt because of war in the Middle East. To pay for this debt it seemed logical that the colonies be taxed. Taxes on sugar, stamps, tea and more caught colonists by surprise. The 13 “states” were being told what to pay with no parliamentary ability to redress grievances.

King George had stacked his parliamentary deck by placing his people in positions of parliamentary power.

Obama has stacked his cabinet deck with social justice agitators who see his executive branch power and the judicial branch as supreme to the Legislative Branch. The balance of power, the checks and balances so necessary for the stability of republicanism has been upset.

Montesquieu and John Locke would be apoplectic.

The negative liberties prescribed by Constitution have been summarily dismissed, and a New American Order has been ushered in under the jingles “Yes We Can” with the goal of “fundamental transformation.”

Like Thomas Hobbs, Obama’s American perception and distortion is great and his error is insidious and profound. Consequently, a long period of patient persistence and striving may be necessary to rebalance power, strengthen stability and shift selflessly to a country of laws, not men.

It is not difficult to see that America has been splintered, worse, it has become untethered from the principles of leadership, devotion, faith and trust.

The People have been disconnected from an ability to choose their own paths under the banner of a Constitution.

The Constitution itself has been deemed inadequate by the ruling elite to be of any further use.

King George’s abuses in the 1770s pale in comparison to the stranglehold choking the People of these United States by an Administration that ignores the People’s voice.

When King George III was threatened by the freedoms the colonists demanded, he spoke to General Thomas Gage and shared his thoughts:

“I have tried to govern this kingdom with wisdom, General. I have learned the value of persuasion and force. In London, the ills of government are often best cured with the administering of gold pills. Spread the medicine properly, and the ills vanish … Persuasion. This doesn’t work with colonials, General. I have heard all the tiresome metaphors. They are like children; they are merely farms to provide for the mother country, they are the ground upon which the polished boots of the empire tread.”

America is today under the polished boot of a monarch bent of fundamentally transforming his new colony.

If revolution was necessary for the People to break the bonds then, it may be reasonable that revolution be the course necessary to break the bonds today.

The only thing needed is for America to find men with wooden teeth.

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