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‘Kiss my Ass! Kid Rock fires back at so-called reverend Al Sharpton over GM sponsorship and Confederate Battle Flag

Kid Rock. Loop News photo.

By Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

As Top Right News has reported over the past week, Al Sharpton’s has conducted a war against Kid Rock over his frequent past displays of the Confederate battle flag.

It started with the race-baiter and shakedown artist demanding that the Dixie-loving rocker stop using the Confederate battle flagin his personal life and performances, or face a “national boycott and protest movement.”

Within hours Kid Rock gave the so-called “Reverend” his now-legendary response: “Kiss My Ass.”


So Wednesday an angry Sharpton upped the ante, calling on General Motors to pull Chevrolet’s high profile sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour.

Well GM has now responded, and Al is NOT going to like this

Despite calls from the Detroit office of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, General Motors told The Associated Press this week that Chevrolet will not withdraw its financial backing from Kid Rock’s summer tour over his display of the Confederate flag during concerts.

GM’s decision reportedly came after a massive influx of support from Kid Rock’s fans, as well as Americans sick and tired of the left-wing jihad against the South and Confederate flag, which they say is about “history not hate.”

The Washington Times also reports that “representatives of Chevrolet and Sharpton’s NAN will meet this week,” so clearly a ticked off Sharpton is going to try and squeeze some extortion money out of GM for their actions.

But as far as Sharpton’s attempt to take down the American Bad Ass Kid Rock: mark this down as one big time EPIC FAIL.

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