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Matt Drudge Issues Major Challenge to Obama and Hillary: ‘I Dare You!’

By  | TheBlaze

Matt Drudge issued a dare to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Tuesday, during a rare radio interview with Alex Jones.

Drudge was responding to Jones asserting that a civil war may ensue if politicians attempt to confiscate guns.

“Well, because they are all armed themselves. Where they all have that security around them themselves. They don’t have to worry about [security],” said Drudge, who refused to be on camera.

“I challenge Hillary, take away your Secret Service. Take it away now! Take away your Secret Service! Dismiss them. Have no security around you. Have no guns around you, Hillary. I dare you! I dare you,” the Internet-news mogul said. “Obama, same thing. Drop your guns Obama. Take your Secret Service away, Obama. Take it all away. Leave the White House unguarded, Obama. Let everyone know there are no guns on the White House grounds Obama!”

“You know what would happen within 30 seconds? Both of those people would no longer be on planet Earth,” Drudge added. “So they are asking us to drop our guns, to drop our security measures or — or what?”

Drudge said he didn’t see how gun control proposals are “being taken seriously, except for the sick voter.”

“You can’t underestimate the sickness of the American people right now…”

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