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Obama’s Brave New World: Crucifying Israel

Barack Obama keeps a special big smile for times when the people he hates most really get screwed.  He smiled that great big smile again recently when he said how much he loves the Jews – right after selling Israel out to its most dangerous enemy in history.

Human monsters with nuclear weapons are a completely new factor in the world.  We’ve seen plenty of monsters before, but not equipped with Armageddon weapons.  That’s what Obama has achieved in his historic presidency.

Don’t doubt that he has done so purposefully, starting before he took office, when he sent Ambassador William G. Miller to Tehran to tell the mullahs not to make any agreement with George W. Bush, because they’d get a much better deal from Obama.

None of this is coincidence.  It was planned with malice aforethought.  Obama’s delighted “screw you” smile is truly demonic.  It seems to show that he is not just a narcissist, but a malignant narcissist who enjoys inflicting catastrophes on others.  Bill Clinton is also a supreme narcissist, but I don’t remember him actually laughing at times like these.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is a morally serious man, started his Churchillian speech to the General Assembly – the biggest collection of tyrants, thugs, and sleazocrats in the world – with almost a minute of silence.  Bibi’s silence made the audience uncomfortable, we are told.  He stared at the Star Wars bar scene with undisguised contempt.

In case you forgot, the General Assembly has elected the Sudan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia to its “human rights commission.”  A more perverse crowd there hasn’t been seen since Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies.

What’s worse, the Americans fit right in.  This was a scene right out of Tolkien’s Land of Mordor, with the United States taking the side of Sauron.

For 45 seconds, Netanyahu waited for the voice of conscience to speak, if any U.N. members still have one.  But there is no limit to their cynicism and malignancy.  They sat their with blank faces.  In time, when history has the last word, they may come to curse their cowardice and opportunism, the way Hitler’s appeasers did.  But then, Chamberlain was an honorable man who came to recognize his mistake.


We are being sabotaged from within, and our strategic enemies understand that very well.

Bottom line – Obama has sucked all the air out of the strategic balloon in the Middle East, which simply collapsed.

And all the King’s horses
and all the King’s men
can never put it together again.

Welcome to Obama’s Brave New World.

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