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The Coalition: Truth in Story

An Islamist activist protesting over anti-Muslim cartoons, 6 February 2006

By Gary Terashita, Contributor | NEWSL.ORG

Late last year, I had one of the greatest honors of my life when I helped Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, USA (Ret.) and Kamal Saleem publish a novel. The Coalition is the vector point for two lives which began on opposite sides of a global war and a projection of what that conflict might produce in the future.

We were off a bit. Much of what we projected into 2020 is already coming to pass. Radical Islam is rooting itself in the West and sprouting its putrid ideology, meeting virtually no resistance. The greater concern is the complicity of the Obama administration and other myopic governments around the world.

In what little unvarnished news coverage we get from European media, we’re seeing another Muslim invasion, much like the one the U.S. experienced last summer. The killer is, it never stopped. The Obama administration continues to circumvent the law to get as many illegal aliens into America as possible.

Obama Orders That America Take In 70,000 Islamic “Refugees,” But Now John Kerry Says That The Number Will Be Up To 100,000 Muslims

I’ve just cut my subscription to the Web site from which I cite the following, for reasons I’ll go into later in this article. However, these quotes open a peephole in the media barricade.

“A 21-year old from Morocco has been arrested by German authorities at a refugee center near Stuttgart on suspicion of being an Islamic State recruiter. The man was sought under a European arrest warrant issued by Spanish authorities. He used a false identity to pose as an asylum seeker.”

“Yet Saudi Arabia and the other wealthy countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have slammed their doors, refusing to accept any Syrian refugees.”

“Instead, Saudi Arabia has offered to construct 200 mosques in Germany for Syrian refugees who arrive there, something Oxford Professor and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins branded a ‘sick joke’.” He asked on Twitter, “Is it conceivable that Saudi seriously thinks MOSQUES will contribute to the welfare of the migrants in Germany?”*

A friend of mine who legally immigrated from Central Europe some time ago, told my wife an interesting story a few days ago. She has friends and family in Germany and has been planning to return for a visit, until multiple German sources told her, “Don’t!”


Part of the story from these Europeans sources cite the German government forcing private homeowners to take in these “refugees” from Syria, Iraq and North Africa.


These German citizens can refuse, but any and all government services upon which they depend will be cut. Those among us today who obtain basic needs from the tax-payer subsidies may want to take a hint here.

Radical Islam is metastasizing and rather than take aggressive action against it, most governments around the world are subjugating their native population to its invasion. Anyone still naive enough to have sympathy for these unfortunate individuals who just want to escape violence (and there may well be a few), need to ask themselves this question, “Why does Saudi Arabia want to build them mosques in Europe instead of giving them refuge in their country?” Do they not share religion and values?

This brings me to why I cut my feed from The Clarion Project. Though they have overtly tried to show opposition to Islamo-facists, they have indicated to me they are just another subset of the Islamic agenda. By attacking the recent remarks from Trump and Carson on Islam as being offensive and dangerous, this writer could have been written into The Coalition.

“Aside from being highly offensive to patriotic Muslim-Americans and non-Muslims who care for them, this rhetoric is dangerous. It is a repetition of the Islamist pitch to Muslims that their faith prevents them from being true Americans and that American society is hostile to them. It makes it easier for Islamists and harder for anti-Islamist Muslims and their non-Muslim allies.”**

From chapter eighteen of The Coalition:

“Abu Youssef cleared his throat which caused Omar to look up from his kabob. He then realized his superior had been speaking. Two members of Al Asifa were on station in front and at the rear of the café checking everything and everyone. News of the assassination of Nasrallah, just over a day old, was playing out in the media as they’d hoped. The Jews were disavowing anything to do with the attack, and the OIC talking heads from all over the world were calling them liars, condemning them, and making threats. The fuse was about to burn to the keg of gunpowder.”

Whether by embedded Muslims, or the stupidity of political correctness, the media has become the most reliable arm of Islamic propaganda.

Ben Carson’s statement of his support being withheld from a Muslim presidential candidate is unassailable in light of our founding documents and principles. There is to be no religious test given to anyone seeking elected office in America, however, there are standards to which they must conform.


One of the standards, and perhaps the most important Muslims fail to meet is their ability to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Their scriptures are clear to any honest reader; allegiance can only be given to a theocracy ruled by Sharia.



Coalition SmallWe produced The Coalition to tell the story of the reality behind Islam and its incompatibility with America’s first principles of individual liberty and religious freedom. It is available on our Web site if you’d like to read the entire exciting and enlightening book.





The Coalition, Boykin/Saleem, Post Hill Press copyright 2014, Nashille, TN

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