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Three US Maps: Number of Mosques, Refugee Arrivals, Terrorist Networks

By  | Federalist Papers

Those hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees that Barack Obama is letting into our country know exactly where they’re going to go.

And these three maps draw a pretty clear and frightening correlation between the number of mosques, the number of refugees and the number of terrorist attacks in our 50 states – it’s not a coincidence.

Here’s the map of the number of mosques in the United States. Note the states that are pink and red.

mosque map1


  • Now, look at how that compares to the number of refugees we’ve let in so far and where they’re headed.


mosque map2

Texas leads the way, followed by California, New York and Michigan.

And the correlation between the number of refugees and the domestic terrorist network is alarming. Here’s a map of terrorist activity only through 2007.

mosque map3


How can we not expect more violent terrorist attacks on our country if we are going to let people in who profess a religion where violence is not only an acceptable solution, but it’s part of their core faith?

In some parts of the country – Dearborn, Michigan is the first to fall – Muslim immigrants are the majority. How much power will they wield before Sharia law becomes the “preferred alternative” to our Constitution?

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