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Carson calls on Congress to block entry of Middle Eastern refugees

Obama’s weakness on the terrorism front puts not just America, but the entire world, in danger.

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Presidential candidate and Texas junior Sen. Ted Cruz would like to see a halt in America’s acceptance of Syrian refugees in light of the Paris terror attack – especially since we just learned that one of the attackers was a refugee– and he’s not alone.

Here’s GOP contender Dr. Ben Carson’s take…

From Newsmax:

Ben Carson is calling for the United States to block Middle East refugees from coming to the United States in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris Friday – and urged Congress to take the lead.

“Congress does have a role to play here, and it’s not just being the peanut gallery,” Carson said.

“If we’re going to be bringing 200,000 people over here from that region — if I were one of the leaders of the global jihadist movement and I didn’t infiltrate that group of people with my people, that would be almost malpractice.”

Carson went on to state that President Obama has lacked the foresight needed to understand that “once you’ve gotten a place like Iraq under control you don’t withdraw, which leaves an incredible vacuum and allows for the development of things like ISIS.”


As to whether Carson would forcefully act if he were the leader of the free world, he said he work with our allies in utilizing every resource known to man in an attempt to “eliminate them before they eliminate us.”

I like the hardline stance that Carson is putting forth.

Obama’s weakness on the terrorism front puts not just America, but the entire world in danger.

After seeing what went dB ywn last night in six locations across Paris, the Obama administration needs to very seriously consider who (and how many) we let in to the country.


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