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(VIDEO) The Pride of America’s (Vulgar) Latino Children

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Congratulations are in order, ladies and gentlemen, for a group of foulmouthed anchor babies who were used by the Deport Racism campaign to spew propaganda against 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump – and who, in their ignorance, wound up doing nothing more than causing me to reaffirm my support for him.

Yeah, sorry, but if opposing illegal immigration and voting for Trump also means keeping these foulmouthed anchor babies and future thugs from setting up shop in America, then, by Golly, Trump has my vote in the bag!

Excuse me for believing that nobody, including these pampered little ingrates, should be uttering such despicable — not to mention straight-up false — slime about a presidential candidate.

Can you imagine what would have occurred had little white children been used to make a similar video about Barack Obama’s ties to racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright!?

According to Deport Racism’s website, via Breitbart, it “is a registered non-profit Federal Election Commission political action committee (PAC) dedicated to fighting anti-Latino and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election.”

Oh, really?

Well, my name is V Saxena, and I am a 33-year-old East Indian former legal immigrant and current U.S. citizen (25+ years and counting) whose family arrived here the proper way and who believes that everybody — including the little tykes included in your propaganda video — should be held to the exact same standards.

Regarding your despicable video, I have only this to say, courtesy the words of the same brainwashed anchor babies you shamelessly used:

“If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the f*** out of mycountry. There’s the door!”

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