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Terrorists Living Among Syrian Refugees

By Dr. Michael T. George | NEWSL.ORG

We just call her Jane because it is too dangerous to use her real name. She currently sits safely in America, but several members of her family are still in danger in Syria. She does not want to be here, she would rather return to her homeland, but her life would be in jeopardy. What I am about to share with you is the story she feels the world needs to hear. I will do my best to express the emotional sentiment in which she delivered this incredible historical account of her life. This is not conjecture, speculation or opinion, this women experienced these atrocities first hand. Unfortunately her experience is one that is playing out far too often across the world, Christians persecuted by Orthodox Islamic Terrorists.

For Jane it was not always this way, she was a successful obstetrician in her country serving the women of her community regardless of race or religion. Her only desire was to help mothers bring their little bundle of joys into the world and for years she performed her duties without duress. Sunni, Shia, Jewish and Christian women all utilized the services Jane provided. It was a normal peaceful existence.  However that all ended in 2011 with the uprising of the Arab Spring.

Even though President Bashar al-Assad was not a favorite of many, the country was stable but that all changed with the uprising. At first many people thought it might be a good thing, but the people soon realized this was going to turn ugly. Most of the Arab Spring Rebels were nothing more than terrorist thugs who were seeking power. At first, Jane and her family where secluded from any of the problems but this soon changed once the rebels reached their section of Syria. They demanded she treat their wounded forces who were injured in clashes with the government. When Jane refused to submit to their intimidation, it was shortly thereafter Jane started receiving threatening letters and phone calls.

“We will kill you and take your children as slaves,” one of the letters boasted. At first Jane did not take the threats seriously, but when they continued on a regular basis she began to become worried. She was in a delicate situation. If she treated the rebels and the government found out then she would be under arrest by the government for supporting the destabilization of the country. However if she did not treat their forces her family’s life would be in jeopardy.

Jane continued to have resolve and decided she was not about to bend to these hoodlums. She did everything she could to protect her family and take necessary precautions, but it was to no avail. The rebels demanded now she leave the area or pay the Jizya. This is a poll tax Muhammad established for people of other faiths to pay as a reminder of their inferior status.

Qur’an (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Jane and her family were not about to pay this extortion. They were determined to go about their daily lives but the persecution from the Arab Spring began to intensify. One day while driving to her clinic a shot from a sniper came through the front windshield of her car. The bullet missed her head by mere centimeters. She received a phone call later in the day demanding she pay the Jizya or leave the area. If she refused to do so her children would be taken.

Jane was terrified. She contacted the authorities but they were indifferent to her requests. She was told they were far too busy fighting the uprising to deal with her issues. If she can bring the people in who are threatening her then they will be happy to address the situation. This of course was no help.

The pressure on Jane was enormous. Every day she was terrified to send her children to school wondering if they would ever return. The patients at her clinic were worried about her. Everyone, regardless of their background, felt she was being targeted unfairly. Yet Jane still did her best to assist the mothers who were great with child. She did not want to let them down even though she was experiencing immense persecution.

On July 15th of 2012, after more than a year of threatening letters and phone calls, the Arab Spring attacked. They removed the door of Jane’s home and destroyed everything inside. Her and her family were fortunate to get out alive. They did their best to salvage what they could so they could move back in.

Eight days later the Arab Spring attacked again. This time the focus was Jane’s clinic. They stole computers, medical supplies and expensive ultrasound equipment. Jane was frightened, in fact she was down right terrified for herself and her family.

Jane did her best to continue to service her patients, but it became more difficult when on December 12th, the rebels showed up at her home. This time they destroyed everything, there was nothing left to salvage and her place of residence was now off limits. Rebel forces were placed in the neighborhood to prevent her from returning to her house.

With no where to go the entire family decided to stay in the clinic. Jane’s husband, who is also a physician, had an office next to hers. They managed to survive there peacefully for about three months until the Arab Spring once again came calling. Both offices and the clinic were totally destroyed by the terrorists. Jane was so heartbroken, the place were women of all faiths had come to bring their little ones into the world was now gone. all because she was a Christian who refused to pay the Jizya nor treat the rebel forces.

Jane and her family relocated to another part of Syria staying with some friends hoping to find safety, but it was to no avail. The Arab Spring soon entered that region and began persecuting all Christians in the neighborhood the same way they had them. On July 9, 2013, Jane’s brother was viciously attacked and shot by the rebels because of his Christian faith. They had been watching him for months, tracking his every move and when the time was right they attacked. Fortunately he survived, but not without complications.

With no where to go Jane and her family fled to the refugee camps. These were not good places for many reasons. For one they were very dirty and most of the people had no respect for each other. Secondly, children were in great danger because of the immorality, indecency, molestation and abduction.

All these things were bad enough, but it is what Jane saw next that terrified her to her very core. Living among the refugees who had been displaced from their homes were the same Arab Spring Orthodox Islamic Terrorists who had destroyed her home and clinic. She could not believe eyes. This was not a safe place. She knew then she would have to do something she never wanted. They would have to flee their homeland.

Jane and her three young children successfully received a visa to leave the country and immigrate to the United States. Unfortunately, the government did not allow her husband to come. Men were needed to fight the rebel forces so his visa request was denied.

It has been more than two years since Jane as seen her husband and the children have felt the loving hugs from their father. His life is in constant jeopardy. He is living in seclusion, often having no running water or heat. He is barely existing. Jane begs everyone to please pray for his safety.

It is easy for us to set back and armchair quarterback the situation in Syria. We can easily give our opinions on what should be done and what shouldn’t, but we are not there and we have not experienced the situation first hand. However, Jane has, so I believe it would be very prudent for us to listen carefully to what she has to say about the situation.

When I asked Jane about the Syrian refugees she stated to me the following. “If you could vet out those who are Christian, then it would be safe to bring them here, but I would not risk bringing any of the others because the terrorists are living among the refugees.

We had a peaceful life before the Arab Spring destabilized everything. I do not know who supported them originally, but it was a terrible mistake.”


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