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The Republican Party: Introducing Socialism and Big Government to America since 1936

"Former President Herbert Hoover speaks at the 1936 Republican Party Convention at the Public Auditorium. Twitter pic

By Greg Carpenter | NEWSL.ORG

“Continued publicity effort and the force of circumstances may bring about Socialism in the United States by the year x, whereas this study indicates that the same objective situation might be attained sooner, in (x-n) years, by a judicious change in designation.”

Don’t call it socialism, call it Republicanism… Big (R)epublicanism.

“A repetition of this survey with a different test form in Carbon County and the Philadelphia suburban area gave full confirmation of the initial findings.”

Citizens of these United States have been lying to themselves because they want to be given things for free, they want more socialism but claim to be a free republic but even that is not accurate. Most people cannot characterize our Union correctly, don’t care and expect universal suffrage to solve all their problems because the receivers of welfare can vote themselves money from the treasury.

Apparently since 1936, Pennsylvanians have wanted the Republican Party to lead the charge and turn the Union into a socialist paradise. A study from Dr George Hartmann from the University of Pennsylvania, “The Contradiction Between The Feeling-Tone Of Political Party Names And Public Response To Their Platforms” details the specifics attitudes and perspectives from two towns with surprisingly disturbing results. With the rise of Hitler and several other socialist governments, there was a healthy cautions approach to be labeled a socialist, but in the grips of the FDR elongated depression, people were turning to government for help instead of each other.

There are reasons for people’s perspectives to turn from an autonomous and small town approach to solving this problem and that was because of the huge shift from rural to urban centers and from farming and self-employment to manufacturing and an employee based economy. The Federal Reserve had been conceived in 1908 and brought to life just a few years later to stabilize the economy and keep this sort of thing from happening, but their inaction spoke volumes.  Why was this depression so bad? It was much less severe than the depression of 1920 and employment in the “Great Depression” was impacted 15% less than that depression. “Cool” Calvin Coolidge was President when the depression of 1920 hit and he took a Jeffersonian approach and let the economy work itself out, and it did in 18 months. The “Roaring 20’s” had their share of recessions and depressions even though, economically, things were booming. There is a simple explanation, there is a normal economic cycle, and to ignore that is ludicrous. There is no central bank in the world which can make an economy which never experiences a depression.

So why did people start to fall in love with a system which makes many promises and is so short on delivery? When did we start to look to the government for all our answers? It is worse than that, the results of the study distinctly show how badly we wanted to be socialists in 1936.

When asked if, “No man should be permitted to have an income of more than $25,000 a year until such time as the average wage earner receives at least $3,000 a year.” Roughly 68% approved! Now that is slightly higher than, “Cheaper electric light and power could be had if the industry were owned and operated by the government.” Where 61% advocated for government takeover of the power grid. Does this sound like a Federal Union based on republican principles or a consolidated general government collecting more power?

Respondents put those numbers to shame when asked if, “Old and disabled people should be adequately pensioned and protected at public expense without humiliation to themselves or their relatives.” In this case, the people gave a 90% approval rating. That is correct, we demanded Social Security, but that’s not all. Socialism is not a new concept by any means, the people of the “Free” Republic, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also demanded Pell Grants, “No Child Left Behind” and a Department of Education with an 88.5% approval rating.

How socialist were we thinking in 1936? Well we additionally were in approval of a minimum wage (73%), we wanted teachers to fold into the yet to be Department of Education (58.5%), and we couldn’t wait to tax the “rich” more and more (80%). We didn’t want big business to run or own the papers (58.5%), we would not stand for excess food destruction when millions went hungry (87%), and there was a majority interest in establishing “Obamacare” (59%). We were split on having the Federal Government take over the housing construction market (50%) but couldn’t wait for the Federal Government to take over all farm mortgages (67.5%).

We weren’t quite ready for a Federal takeover of the railroads (41%), so Amtrak would have to wait, nor were we ready to give up our guns and ammunition where 47% gave approval to disarm. Finally, GM didn’t get what they wanted; only 37% of the people supported a Federal Government takeover of them and US Steel. Does any of this sound familiar? Could these all be the headlines today?

They are the headlines because socialists have been at this for a hundred years; the questions used in 1936 were all from the Socialist Party Platform that year.

And how does the Republican Party get the moniker of “Implementers of Socialism”?

Well, we just have to look at the list, everything on there they either implemented or pledged to manage better than their “Opponents”, whoever that is. Now with a smorgasbord of socialists running on the “Republican” ticket, we are on the brink of completing the transition into a total socialist state, but don’t ever call a citizen a socialist because we don’t like that. Socialists started calling themselves “Left Wing” back in the 1930’s, today, they call themselves “Republicans”.

Don’t be fooled, see all politicians for who they are and pray to God every day, I know of no greater weapon to regain our individual freedoms.


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