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America Embraces the Tyranny it Fought to Reject

By Greg Carpenter | NEWSL.ORG

It is amazing we have gone almost 240 years into the future from when we rejected the type of government we now embrace. The Founders realized that a constitution which was both written and unwritten and embodied the concept of a “Living Document” was the antithesis of liberty and would only lead to oligarchical rule. Presidents who walked out of the intended role of chief law enforcement officer and Commander-In-Chief to push an “Agenda” have been more detrimental to our Federal Union than can be measured.

The purpose for enumerating powers in the Constitution come from the abuses directed to the colonies from The British Sovereign and Parliament all those years ago, so why turn our Federal Union into that same type of despotic government?


We claim to loathe the tyrannical government in Washington D.C. but no one can conceive living without it.


Now, we have come full circle to where our founders found themselves when they felt a need to correct the despotic situation all those years ago, what will we do?

America Embraces Tyranny it Fought to Reject

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