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Iran Gets Twice As Much In Sanctions Relief

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (2nd L) shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry after a statement to announce a landmark deal with Iran halting parts of its nuclear programme Photo: AFP

By Derek Hunter | The Daily Caller

The White House has been claiming Iran, as part of the nuclear deal with the Obama administration, would only get access to $50 billion immediately but it turns out that number was off by a lot.

Iran is now claiming they’ve gained access to $100 billion in frozen assets. What accounts for the difference? According to Marie Harf, senior advisor for strategic communications to Secretary of State John Kerry, the Treasury Department’s bad math is to blame.

In a Twitter exchange with a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Harf blamed Treasury for the miscalculation.

.@WSJSolomon Important clarification – it was experts at @USTreasury Dept who did the math & determined how much $ Iran would actually get

— Marie Harf (@marieharf) February 2, 2016

When asked how that matters, given that Treasury is also apart of the White House, Harf made a semantical argument.

.@djrothkopf@WSJSolomon Not weird distinction. When people use “White House,” it sounds political – often inadvertently. Not the case here.

— Marie Harf (@marieharf) February 2, 2016

.@djrothkopf@WSJSolomon I think it’s important to know who makes assessments of how much $ Iran will actually get under sanctions relief.

— Marie Harf (@marieharf) February 2, 2016

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