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Polarizing America: ‘White Lives Matter’ rally held

Cazenovia Park will be the setting of both a "White Lives Matter" rally Saturday and a counter-protest. CREDIT BFLOPARKS.ORG

Opening Commentary by Hampton Marsh | NEWSL.ORG

Stop for a moment. Flip this around.

Where is the community outcry for other hate groups, such as Black Lives Matter?

Imagine our country if we were allowed to freely self-regulate ourselves without the fear of stepping outside the lines of political correctness. The ‘white community’ is so quick to formally state disapproval of racially segregist ideology on their own side but seem to champion the same dangerous and destructive ideology from another racial group. This hypocrisy is the reason we still see race related problems within our country today.

Obama has fostered an environment of hate throughout this county unlike any other leader in American history and until we, as Americans (not as white/black/brown/tan/yellow/purple/pink or what ever color you apparently feel like at the moment), need to publicly and proudly state that we are done! We are done with the whispers, done with the ‘stepping on eggshells’. We are Americans, we need to come together and denounce anyone or anything who stands to divide us.

But hey, if some racist people want to get together to talk about how much other people suck and how they are great…as long as they apply for their permit, get approved, gather peacefully…have at it.

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 | WBFO NPR News

Residents of South Buffalo are taking action after learning that a “White Lives Matter” rally has been planned for Cazenovia Park on Saturday.

The 3 p.m. rally, which has been making the rounds on social media, was coordinated by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement based in Detroit. On its website, the party says it is “the political party for every patriotic white American” and that one its core beliefs is “promotion of white separation.”

Two South Buffalo lawmakers, state Senator Tim Kennedy and Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke, are denouncing the gathering. Burke says an independent counter-protest has been organized for members of the community to make their voices heard.

“We’re not happy about it. I’m personally not happy about it, but they obviously have the right to assemble under the Constitution. We’re not trying to block them from assembling, but I want a loud voice from my community saying that they don’t represent our values,” Burke told WBFO.

Burke, who lives in and represents the area, did not organize the counter-protest himself. He says the mayor’s office and Buffalo Police are aware of the rally and appropriate safety measures will be in place to make sure the situation doesn’t get out of hand.

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