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Trump Leads in Polls as Clinton visits North Carolina

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gives a thumbs up as she boards her campaign plane in White Plains, New York, United States September 15, 2016, to resume her campaign schedule following a bout with pneumonia. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

By Amanda Becker | Reuters

Hillary Clinton got back on the campaign trail on Thursday after taking three days off for pneumonia, and the Democratic presidential candidate faced a more challenging political landscape, with Republican rival Donald Trump rising in opinion polls.

Senior Clinton aides said they always expected the race to the Nov. 8 election to be close. But it was clear from a raft of new polls that Trump had halted a summer swoon after taking steps to give a less freewheeling, more polished performance on the stump.

Clinton, 68, appeared in good health on a visit to her campaign plane’s press cabin while flying to Greensboro, North Carolina, for a rally where she sought to refocus her campaign on the plight of the working class – which has turned out to be a potent theme for Trump.

Leaving the stage to the tune of James Brown’s “I feel good,” Clinton told reporters she kept her pneumonia diagnosis last Friday quiet, telling only senior staff, because she thought she would be able to “power through” the illness and keep campaigning.

“From my perspective, I thought I was going to be fine and I thought that there was no reason to make a big fuss about it,” she said.

On Sunday, Clinton nearly collapsed while leaving a ceremony marking the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York.

Her illness coincided with a…

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