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Chivalry Lives in American Youth: Young Man Brutally Beaten in Defense of Assaulted Woman

Disabled Oklahoma Man Sacrifices Self to Stop Attack on Unknown Woman

Trent Kreslins' injuries after Saturday's attack. "Heroism is selflessness, and that's what my brother did," said Jennifer Moore. "I honestly think that he probably took the beating that girl was going to get." "It's about looking out for your fellow man, honestly. I would hope that, if I was in a situation like that, somebody would have helped me," Kreslins said.

By Gregory Carpenter | NEWSL.ORG

Too often today, we see people spending more time videoing a crime or attack on someone instead of assisting the victim.

Well, Friday night in Norman, Oklahoma, a young man named Trent Kreslins, who is the producer of “The Mark Kreslins Show” on the Veritas Radio Network, did just that and he immediately interceded to protect a young lady victim who was being assaulted by some guy.
Celebrating his 23rd birthday that night, he and his friends were walking home to hit the hay.

However, when Trent saw the woman being assaulted, he did the right thing – without thought – and went to the guy to stop him and let him know “it’s not cool to hit women.”

Now Trent did not know the woman, and he certainly did not know the man, but that did not matter to him.

Additionally, Trent is disabled but he did not even let that stop him. He has had well over 20 surgeries, one Medivac helicopter flight from his neighborhood, pancreatitis attacks, and numerous nights in the ER with constant unrelenting pain, a right leg limp because of foot drop and many other struggles in life, but he left all that behind Friday night.

You see, that night none of that mattered and did not limit his moral courage – he did the right thing and defended a woman whom he did not know.

Chivalry, integrity, morality are all things which seem to have been swept under the rug these days and have been replaced by political correctness and easily offended throngs.

Trent Kreslins bucked the system and tried to stop this attack on a women, Trent was dropped with a punch to the face which needed stitches and he was subsequently attacked by 10 other cowards and was pummeled as he lie on the ground attempting to cover himself from the vicious blows.

A friend who was with him, Zach, was also pummeled was the first to aid Trent and was followed by others who eventually ended the barrage. He received good care from the bystanders, paramedics, and the ER team at Baylor Medical Center.

“This event could have been much worse for him, you see with his disability, McCune-Albright Syndrome, this could have been crippling,” said his father, Mark Kreslins, “and we thank our Lord Jesus for protecting him from the many, many torturous punches and kicks he took.”

Trent is not the kind of man who seeks attention and applause.

In sharing the emergency room photograph, his father stated, “I want to show to the world what a man can look like, Trent is a man and he showed it last night when he made his self preservation secondary to deal with something that needed to be dealt with. I am SOOOO proud of you Trent!” So, remember his face because as we see the emergence of people who are more willing to video a crime from a safe distance rather than intervene at their own peril, Trent stands out as a man of action and a true role model.

Please consider helping the family as Trent’s medical bills are piling up rapidly. A website is set-up to receive donations.

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