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The Voter’s Choice: What if there was but one issue? What would it be?

There is only government and suffering. Family has been destroyed.

By Chuck Jenks | Special to NEWSL.ORG

If, on Tuesday, a person had to decide on who they would vote for president and could cast their vote based on only one issue, what would be that issue?

Immigration is NOT it. However, unchecked immigration is certainly important. The evidence of Europe is proof enough that immigration without assimilation is invasion. Some consider it sovereign suicide. The relentless support by Barack Obama and his henchmen (and women) to force Islam into America is also obvious. The executive blind-eye over the southern border is deliberate.

The debt is NOT it. Despite America’s $21 trillion debt, the reality that that debt will eventually have to be paid, is still not taken seriously. Millennials will be the ones crushed under a period of depression greater than that experienced in 1929. The voting youth do not realize yet how money and debt work and the baby boomers and GenXers have thrown in the towel; so the effect of the debt is still to be realized and waits like an insidious, lurking phantom poised to usher in misery and depresssion.

America’s degraded military is NOT the number one issue. The erosion of the quality, capability and capacity of the U.S. armed forces over the past eight years has been by design. The purposeful effort by Barack Obama to neuter the once-dominant and respected American Soldier by enemies and Americans alike has been effective. The generalship has cowered against the forced reduction in standards; the sick shaping of soldierly society through women-in-combat, transgender and gay lifestyle recruiting has injured a once-proud and honored profession. The soldier no longer expects reinforcement. Ambassadors cannot expect support either.

Race relations in America is NOT the issue either. The deliberate disintegration of the relationship between Americans based on skin color has become big political business. It always has been, but the overt effort to divide by ethnicity has been determined a calculation that deserves the financing of government and foreign puppet masters. It is a wedge issue that only produces more division. When police act stupidly, when criminals and placed on pedestals and victims are managed by media as having ulterior motives, suspicion reigns and law and order is disrespected.

Obamacare is NOT the issue. While the proof is clear to any literate citizen: ‘You can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan,’ is the lie that propelled a nation into a health-death spiral from which there may be no escape. Just shut up and pay your skyrocketing premiums. After all, it’s for the good of the children…and women…and illegal aliens. The middle class is undergoing a rape. It is paying the bills on the grand scam that forces, through taxation, the redistribution of income earned by those who work, to fund those who do not work. Populations this powerless over the jack-boot of IRS enforcement masked as government charity is a model best described through a communism. Remember, it was Vladimir Lenin who said: “Medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist State.”

The unprecedented level of corruption and scandal by Hillary Clinton, the media and globalists, now exposed by Julian Assange and Guccifer, is the orbit around which the pay-to-play politics of the elitist cabal operates.

The Hillary for Prison 2016 meme is NOT the issue. The evidence is irrefutable. Power and finance leveraged through fear, intimidation, access and favor is the new American model of leadership. Never before has there been such energy devoted to winning, not in service to fellow man, but in the desire for global power over simple service to a Constitution and the People. Politics has become the best get-rich-quick profession. The People matter less. The power matters most.

When the People matter less, the principles which guide good men and women to do the next right thing by their fellow man, under a Constitution that seeks to protect and defend the very American idea of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ the future becomes dark and bleak. History has proven this fact.

Like the 16-year-old girl who frets at night alone in fear over the fact that the test shows she is pregnant, this struggle too is dark and bleak; yet the opportunity to make it all go away is handily available, supported and funded by the American taxpayer. It then appears as a reasonable solution to the problem of an unwanted child.

It a stark choice.

The issue is abortion. It is the defining issue for a person and for a nation.

When, out of convenience, a beating heart can be ripped out from a mother’s womb; limbs ripped from their sockets, brain mashed by forceps and organs sold on a market for profit, the tragedy of a nation is slopped into a cold, steel surgical bowl as though it were simply waste.

When one presidential candidate supports the murder of innocent children, and the other supports life, there is a stark choice.

Life is the most important issue. A nation that supports the killing of its babies is doomed.

When The People matter less. There is no hope.

When there is liberty for life, then a nation and its people can pursue happiness.

Without life first, there is no liberty or happiness.

There is only government and suffering. Family has been destroyed.

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