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O’Malley Shows True Ignorance, Compares Trump To Hitler, KKK

Nazi Germany, Nazi SS troops marching with victory standards at the party day rally in Nuremberg. Shutterstock/Everett Historical

Unfortunately, most people do not understand the historical frame of reference when this comparison is made. The Nazi Party was a Socialist political party more similar to today’s Democratic Party than different.

Next time you come across one of your Progressive acquaintances claiming this, break out a history book of the Third Reich and show them how the Nazi Party seized power and dominated their population.

Statism. Progressivism. Mob Rule. These are the downfall of empires.

By Rachel Stoltzfoos | The Daily Caller

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley asserted President-elect Donald Trump is an evil man on par with the Nazis and the KKK Saturday on Twitter Saturday night, and said he would “fight.”

“Now is not the time for reconciliation,” the failed Democratic presidential candidate tweeted. “Dietrich Bonhoeffer didn’t reconcile with the Nazis. MLK didn’t reconcile with the KKK. Now we fight”

O’Malley’s tweet is part of what appears to be a Democrat campaign to delegitimize Trump’s win, undermine his presidency and encourage anyone who will listen not to accept the results of the election. Democrat Rep. John Lewis said he does not see Trump as a “legitimate” president Friday, because the Russians rigged the election and rendered the result unfair and undemocratic. Others tried to invalidate the electoral college vote on the grounds of Russian interference and alleged voter fraud.

The initial reaction to O’Malley’s tweet wasn’t exactly positive.

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