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Man who killed three home invaders with an AR-15 will face no criminal charges

Oklahoma man who shot three burglars dead with an AR-15 will face zero criminal charges. (Getty Images)

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23-year-old Zach Peters of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma caught three masked burglars breaking into his house one night, and the end result were three shots by Peters from his AR-15, and three dead burglars. The burglars brought two weapons – brass knuckles and a knife – but neither melee weapon faired well against Peters’ rifle.

While this use of the weapon for home defense upset some – including one of the deceased burglar’s grandfather who said the AR-15 made the fight unfair – Peters will suffer no criminal charges for his use of violent force with the rifle thanks to Oklahoma’s longstanding Castle Doctrine law. This law protects home and business owners from criminal charges after using deadly force in defense of property and family from intruders.

It should be noted, as Bearing Arms’ Bob Owens points out, that Peters’ not receiving criminal charges is not due to any Stand Your Ground law, as the media attempted to paint it.

“It is the opinion of this office that Zachery Peters acted justifiably and in accordance with his rights as an Oklahoma citizen when he used deadly forced to defend his home from the first degree burglary perpetrated by Maxwell Cook, Jaykob Woodriff, and Jacob Redfern, and allegedly Elizabeth Rodriguez,” Assistant District Attorney Jack Thorp told reporters during a press conference.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, the leader and getaway driver, will face…

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