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American Patriots Unsung

Take time today to thank a Veteran or another brave American who has devoted their life to service to this country and your community.

Too often we take them for granted, too often we let them just pass by without saying thank you.

Share this message and online publication with those you know.

A message from American Patriots Unsung Magazine:

Our mission at American Patriots Unsung Magazine is serving those who serve others. Giving back, paying it forward, and honoring all those, past and present who’ve ever worn a uniform of any kind in service to their country or community.

Military, law enforcement, fire, first responders, EMS, and all others who preserve, protect, and defend the life and liberty of others around them. Every day we pass them by often unaware of their courage and commitment, service and sacrifice, devotion and dedication. This magazine is our way of saying thank you, asking nothing, of those who’ve already given so much.

Welcome To American Patriots Unsung from American Zealot Productions on Vimeo.

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