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[Video] Shelby Steele: Liberalism is the Biggest Threat to our Culture and Way of Life

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By Ginni Thomas | The Daily Caller

Shelby Steele, a prolific author and senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, warns liberalism is the biggest threat to American culture and breaks down race relation issues the country faces in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Liberalism is our biggest threat to our culture and our way of life,” says Steele, the author of five books.

For those who succumb to liberalism’s group identity, he says, it can retard human development for those claiming victimhood, while falsely elevating those who wrap themselves in empty idealisms and popularized notions like “diversity, “multiculturalism” and “inclusion.

 As a personal indulgence, I asked him why he has written that his “friend and hero” Justice Clarence Thomas is “the freest black man in America.” Citing Thomas’s background, rejection of identity politics and elevation to the Court, Steele says Thomas “doesn’t owe allegiance to any group.” “He’s on the Court as an individual making fascinating law with a unique mind.”
Steele discusses in the interview how…

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