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The purpose of NEWSL.ORG is to feature breaking news, information, commentary and opinion on issues that effect America’s future as a leader in liberty and freedom.

Founded in January 2015, NEWSL.ORG is owned and operated by the Franklin-Paine Group, headquartered out of the National Capital Region of Northern Virginia.

Our Beliefs

NEWSL.ORG believes that America has lost its way. Our nation has been divided in dangerous ways, its influence diminished, and perhaps most importantly, its Constitution eviscerated.

Note:  See our Pillars of Liberty section to learn about our focal points of interest for coverage.

In the spirit of defense of the Constitution and the American way-of-life, NEWSL.ORG looks to the conservative values of liberty, reason, the independence and sovereignty of all people, and the preservation of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as they were originally intended.

These ideas are not republican or democratic, they are American ideas.

In the News

Today the mainstream media pick sides.

This is not a surprising fact given the nature of opinion, but what is disturbing is that people are inundated with unconstitutional and depraved ideologies through these sources.

Our goal with creating this news environment is to provide an area where our readers can see top stories of today which fall in line with our Pillars of Liberty.  While the majority of our stories are taken in a form of aggregation, we pride ourselves with providing a perspective of each topic prior to our reader viewing the original content.

The Future of NEWSL.ORG

Our continued success is dependent on you and your engagement with us in this forum.  We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your interest and encourage you to stay engaged with the current issues that affect this country.

Our goal is to hire on a team of dedicated writers to provide hard-news original stories focused on our issues that support our Pillars of Liberty.

Who knows, maybe you could be the next NEWSL.ORG Contributor!

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