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Gregory Carpenter

Greg Carpenter. National Security / Cyber Security Contributor, NEWSL.ORG

Greg Carpenter. National Security / Cyber Security Contributor, NEWSL.ORG

Contributor | NEWSL.ORG


Greg Carpenter became a contributor with NEWSL.ORG in Sept. 2015.

Greg’s focus is writing original essays, commentary and opinion dealing with the National Security sector.


Reverse Deception – The Radio Show Hosted by Gregory Carpenter

Listen to Reverse Deception weekly on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. (E.S.T) on the Crusade Channel, found exclusively at The Veritas Radio Network


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National Security Experience

Greg has an extensive military background retiring with a 27 year career in the U.S. Army (Jan. 1984 – Aug. 2010).

Greg’s assignments included experience in the Infantry, Logistics field, Medical Service and Military Intelligence branches.

During Greg’s career there were several positions of increasing authority which included Counterintelligence Team Leader at the Army Research Laboratory, Senior Combat Developer for Army Cyber Command and a span of several years at the National Security Agency / Central Security Service.

Additional experience included work as an Action Officer in the Information Warfare Support Center, Chief of the Global Team in the Tailored Military Planning Office, Chief of Space Operations and Functional Team Lead for Electronic Warfare in the Combined Military Planning and Assess Strategies Office.

Greg has also worked as the Technology Plans Officer at the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations, the Executive Officer of the Army Material Commands G2 (Intelligence & Security) office, Division Staff Operations Officer and as a Command Security Manager.



Reverse Deception: Organized Cyber Threat Counter-Exploitation shows how to assess your network’s vulnerabilities, zero in on targets, and effectively block intruders.

Discover how to set up digital traps, misdirect and divert attackers, configure honeypots, mitigate encrypted crimeware, and identify malicious software groups.

The expert authors provide full coverage of legal and ethical issues, operational vetting, and security team management.

  • Establish the goals and scope of your reverse deception campaign
  • Identify, analyze, and block APTs
  • Engage and catch nefarious individuals and their organizations
  • Assemble cyber-profiles, incident analyses, and intelligence reports
  • Uncover, eliminate, and autopsy crimeware, trojans, and botnets
  • Work with intrusion detection, anti-virus, and digital forensics tools
  • Employ stealth honeynet, honeypot, and sandbox technologies
  • Communicate and collaborate with legal teams and law enforcement


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