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Pillars of Liberty

The Pillars of Liberty are our primary focal points of interest in our news aggregation. These pillars form the bedrock of our beliefs and interests. The primary goal of establishing these pillars is to ensure we are providing a focused look at America and issues which confront her.

  1. Belief in God
  2. Constitutional Accountability & Unalienable Rights
  3. National Security
  4. The 2nd Amendment
  5. Taxation and Regulation
  6. Free Market Capitalism
  7. Education
  8. Immigration
  9. International Relations

Responsibility of NEWSL.ORG:

In 1765, the Sons of Liberty were feared by a tyrannical government bent on subjugation of the colonies, and revered by the hardscrabble pioneers who sacrificed everything for the hope of a new life centered on God, respect for life and independence. Were it not for the fledgling nation’s men and women of great personal sacrifice and courage, the Great Nation America would have never been born. Today, there are threats to the very meaning of the nation called America and her future. New Sons of Liberty are needed to secure a future of liberty, freedom and hope.